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Zandvoort arrangements guarantee an exclusive experience during your stay in Zandvoort aan Zee.

We have put together a series of fabulous Zandvoort arrangements on your behalf. The special experiences they offer allow you to leave everything behind, forget time and enjoy a real break away from it all. Even if your stay in Zandvoort is only short, the special nature of our arrangement will leave you feeling you have been away for much longer.

And best of all: anything is possible!

In other words, we can make a special Zandvoort arrangement that precisely meets your wishes.

Don’t sell yourself short, and treat yourself to one of our Zandvoort arrangements.

The booking costs are € 1,- per person up to a maximum of € 20,-.

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Plenty of choice
Zandvoort arrangements come in all shapes and sizes. For example, have you ever taken the “sloppies” walk through Zandvoort? In this arrangement, you will be guided at your leisure through the old streets and alleyways of Zandvoort – either with or without a tour guide. Our guides are full of amusing anecdotes. In the meantime, visit the Zandvoort Museum as well as the beachcombers’ museum, before stopping off for a delicious cup of tea or coffee and cakes, for a simple all-in price.

Or what about a Zandvoort arrangement that includes wine tasting on the beach, shrimp catching or beach golf? Every one is a great Zandvoort arrangement.

Are you a petrol head with a love of racing? Why not become a race driver for a day! This is another Zandvoort arrangement that will guarantee you the day of your life, taking in ten different activities, half of them on the Zandvoort racing circuit, and the rest in the dunes or at other exciting locations. Can you imagine yourself in a Formula racing car or Porsche, screaming around the circuit? There are even options for trying out your own car on the track.

Other exciting examples of Zandvoort arrangements include beach darts, cocktail shaking, a photography excursion and treasure hunts, not to mention wave surfing and diving for all the family. Even so, these are just a small selection of the fabulous Zandvoort arrangements on offer. Check out the list of all Zandvoort arrangements elsewhere on this page. You will be amazed by the fabulous opportunities and the number of Zandvoort arrangements available.

Zandvoort arrangements for all
There are Zandvoort arrangements for everyone. Whether you are looking to book for friends, family, colleagues or for a children’s party, we will prepare an arrangement to match your requirements. For us, there are no limits. Our aim is to help you wherever we can; after all, we want everyone to be as enthusiastic as us about our Zandvoort arrangements. That is what makes us happy. By the way, we can also combine various elements from different Zandvoort arrangements.

We will even prepare a special group programme. We have now built up so much experience with these activities that everything is bound to run smoothly. We always listen carefully to our customers’ wishes and contribute our own ideas, as well. If you are with a group of two, ten or even a hundred people, just leave the arrangements to us. We know all the ins and outs, and are happy to take the load of your back. We want everyone to enjoy our Zandvoort arrangements.

Have you already seen a Zandvoort arrangement that gets your heart beating faster? Do you have any more questions? Do you need more information about availability or would you like us to draw up an offer for the arrangement of your choice? Simply call or mail us. Our contact details are listed right at the bottom of the page. We look forward to seeing you soon on one of our arrangements.

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