Zandvoort aan Zee and the beach are inextricably connected. Choose one of the above for more information.


The Zandvoort beach is great for sunbathing and beautiful long walks. Besides sunbathing and walking, there are plenty of other beach activities for you to try.

Water sports

The beach at Zandvoort aan Zee offers endless possibilities. You can lie in the sun, walk and cycle, but you can also use the Zandvoort beach as the starting point for many water sports activities and related excursions.

Beach Package Deals

The beach at Zandvoort aan Zee is not only perfect for sunbathing, swimming and doing nothing, but the more active person can also have their heart's desires in Zandvoort aan Zee.

Horseback riding on the beach

Endless gallops on horseback over the beach. It is possible in Zandvoort aan Zee, but there are a couple of conditions that we would like to make you aware of.