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Sun, sea, sand (and much much more), Zandvoort has it all!

Fun for the children to build sand castles, delicious for fresh sea air, find peace or simply enjoy a meal and a drink in the sun, surrounded by the sound of the waves. With a sandy beach on average 9 km long, of which uniquely, 3 km are reserved at the southern end of Zandvoort and in the north beyond Bloemendaal aan Zee for naturists, there is plenty of space for recreation and relaxation.

In the summer, there are 36 beach clubs serving food, drink and, on windy days, protection against the sea breeze. After all, in total, Zandvoort has 3 km of glass screens around its beach clubs terraces. A number of these beach clubs are in fact open all year round. Zandvoort is also a holder of the Blue Flag, the QualityCoast flag, and there are two lifeguard lookout posts where staff constantly monitor the beach and the sea, and where you can call in for First Aid services and for lost and found children.

Naturist beach
The naturist or nudist beach is an area of the beach at Zandvoort where anyone is welcome. There is a 3-km section of naturist beach where naturists are welcome to enjoy the sand, sea and sun in their own way. There are also five beach clubs (between posts 68 and 71) where naturists are welcome for a snack and drink. These beach clubs are clearly signposted.

Dogs on the beach
The beach is the ideal place to walk your dog; the animals love to run on the expanse of sand and dive into the refreshing sea. There are however a number of rules; between the 15th of April and the 1st of October, no dogs are allowed on the beaches at Zandvoort between 09.00 and 19.00 hours. Between 19.00 and 09.00 hours, dogs are permitted on the beach. Between the 1st of October and 15th of April, dogs can roam free on the beaches.

Please do remove your dog mess. This will avoid a fine and any unnecessary nuisance. At various points along the beach machines are available with poop scoop bags.

Horses on the beach

Between the 1st of march and the 1st of October, ridden and draught animals are not permitted on the beach.

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