Natural crafts

It’s that time of year when nature changes color: beautiful yellow and red leaves, chestnuts falling from the trees and mushrooms and toadstools appearing. It is autumn!
Get your coat and take a bag to collect the prettiest leaves, nuts and twigs you can possibly find. And don’t forget to search the beach for beautiful shells, pieces of driftwood and many other treasures.
Look below for some great tips to get creative with your finds. And do check Pinterest for our board “Creative with nature in Zandvoort aan Zee” (Creatief met de natuur in Zandvoort aan Zee ) for even more inspiration.
Send us a picture of the end result, and maybe your crafty project will be on our website!

Have fun!

Dream catcher

You’ll never have a scary dream again with your homemade dream catcher. Hang it over your bed or in front of your window and it will catch all your bad dreams in the net.

Chestnut figures

Make your own chestnut man or woman. If you have enough chestnuts, you can make the whole family! And if you couldn’t find any chestnuts this year, don’t worry. Acorns will do just fine!

Leaf painting

Are you a real Picasso? Take a large sheet of paper and go wild! Don’t forget your apron!


Slimy and slippery, Snails are such fun. Slowly they move, They can't even run!