Parking in Zandvoort

Zandvoort is an “island” surrounded by magnificent areas of natural beauty. As you approach the town by car, you can already enjoy the unique dune landscape and the imposing villa districts. In other words, there is plenty to see; but where can you park your car after this attractive drive?

Where do you park when you are in Zandvoort aan Zee for a great day at the beach or a visit to the lively casino? There are many different locations to park your car in Zandvoort aan Zee. Along the boulevard, on one of the many parking lots or in the parking garage in the town center. You can always find a parking spot in Zandvoort, even on busy summer days!

Parking on the boulevard in Zandvoort aan Zee

Do you want to go to the beach, but don’t feel like walking far? Then it is wise to get to Zandvoort aan Zee early. There are many parking spaces along the boulevard. Especially when you have small children, it is handy to park close to a beach entrance. No free parking spots along the boulevard? Try one of the larger parking lots like the Watertorenplein or Parkeerterrein De Zuid. These lots are still within walking distance of the beach. Some days, you can also park at the well-known Circuit Park Zandvoort.

And in the Zandvoort town center, you can park in the LDC parking garage. It is right next to the lively Zandvoort aan Zee shopping streets and close to the many places to go for a night out. There are several ways you can pay the parking fees on the lots or along the boulevard. With coins, debit card, at the parking attendant of the lot or with your mobile phone. This makes parking in Zandvoort aan Zee even easier!

Electric car

Here you will find charging stations for your electric car:

  • Tjerk Hiddestraat 110
  • Doc. Joh. G. Mezgerstraat 26A
  • Ronald Ketellapperstraat 15
  • Vondellaan 55
  • Flemingstraat 176
  • Keesomstraat 311
  • Sophiaweg 4
  • Zandvoortselaan 1
  • Tolweg 10
  • Koninginneweg 23
  • Brederodestraat 1F
  • Swaluëstraat 12a
  • Hogeweg 37
  • Ing. G. Friedhoffplein 8
  • Parking garage Center (Louis Davids Carre) – 4 charging stations

Boulevard and near the boulevard

Paid parking from 10am till 8pm. You can pay with coins, pin or telephone. Parking rates at parking meters: Minimal payment: €0.50 Hourly rate summer: €2.50 Hourly rate winter: €0.50 Part of a day (5 hours): €10.00 Part of a day (10 hours): €13.45

LDC Parking Garage Center& Parking Lots

Paid parking is possible on several parking lots and in the town center parking garage. Do you want to know more about the parking lots and the parking garage in Zandvoort aan Zee? Read on.

Parking in the centre of Zandvoort

In the streets of the town centre (the shopping area), paid parking applies from 10 am – 8 pm, with a maximum stay of 2 hours. Price per hour in the summer € 2.50 (min. throw € 0.50) Price per hour in the winter € 0.50 (min. throw € 0.50) (November 1st - February 28th)

Parking for permit holders

Several quarters are reserved for residents and businesses with a parking permit. These areas are signposted. Parking is not permitted in these streets without a permit.

Parking Frans Zwaanstraat

For the parking facilities in the Frans Zwaanstraat (between the Lijsterstraat and the Patrijzenstraat) the first 2 hours are free of charge (but only with a blue parking disc which indicates the time of arrival) after 2 hours the price is € 2.20 per hour (min. throw € 0.50). paid parking applies from 10 am – 8 pm.

Parking for the disabled

At various locations throughout Zandvoort, parking spaces are available for holders of a disabled parking sticker. These spaces are signposted. The first two hours are free, after two hours parking fees must be paid.


At all parking meters, payment is possible with chipcard and cash. It is also possible to pay for several days in advance. Paying with your mobile phone is possible with the following provider: Yellowbrick, ParkLine and ParkMobile. It’s very easy and it may cost in care. U only pay for the actual time you have parked your car.

Parking route

Parking route signposts guide you to the parking facilities via the shortest route. The instructions appear on the signs ‘P-route’, with further details of the parking facilities.