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Rental in Zandvoort: taking a bicycle with you all the way to Zandvoort aan Zee might prove difficult. Or perhaps you would prefer to leave your car at home.

There is good news! Travel to Zandvoort aan Zee by train. The station is literally ‘just around the corner’ from the beach. Make your life easy, and simply hire a bicycle in Zandvoort, or take the taxi! After all, you are away from home for your enjoyment, so why not make use of all the conveniences for rent, in Zandvoort.

Make the most of the rental opportunities available in Zandvoort aan Zee.

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A range of rental products
Rental in Zandvoort: the Netherlands is of course the home of the bicycle. Rent a bike and make a trip through the dunes towards Noordwijk, Ijmuiden, Vogelzang, Overveen or Haarlem. A network of excellent cycle routes laid out for your enjoyment will guide you through the dunes. Make sure you keep your ears and eyes open as you are bound to meet one or more of the magnificent residents of this natural wonderland, including deer, rabbits and even wild cows.

Rental in Zandvoort also means for example renting a fun picnic bicycle so you can stop at any time at one of the idyllic picnic sites on your route. What could be more romantic? And that is all part of the rental experience in Zandvoort. For a more simple life, why not rent a standard traditional Dutch bicycle with reverse-pedal brake. All of these options are available from Behind the Beach Bike Rentals, but there is much more available too. The same company rents out tandems, mountain bikes, racing bikes, touring bikes with three or seven gears, rickshaws and even touring bikes with an electric motor. Children can enjoy themselves on a street surfer.

There is something for everyone to rent in Zandvoort.
Center Parcs Bike & Fun
Rental in Zandvoort: Did you know that Center Parcs also has holiday cottages in Zandvoort? And did you know you can also hire bicycles? The park has everything you need for a perfect family holiday. Center Parcs and rental go hand in hand in Zandvoort. If you are already hiring a cottage, why not also hire a bicycle. After all your activity, lean back and relax in the subtropical swimming paradise, in the sauna, on one of the sunbeds or in the Turkish steam bath. As well as ordinary bicycles, however, Center Parcs also offers Fun Bikes – on which you can all ride together. You always hear people screaming with laughter on departure and on their return. All in all, rental in Scheveningen is an experience not to be missed. If you need to take a lot of luggage on your outing, what could be more practical than renting a hand cart? Load up and relax; another aspect of rental in Zandvoort.
Bicycle hire and Taxi Centrale Zandvoort
Versteege Wielersport is another rental location in Zandvoort. Gentlemen’s bicycles, ladies’ bicycles and children’s bicycles are all available, of course all with gears to make cycling in the dunes a more pleasant experience. Finally, the Zandvoort taxi service Taxi Centrale Zandvoort BV also has a bicycle hire division. The Taxi Centrale is also the place for booking taxi’s any time of day or night, seven days a week. For larger groups, the taxi company provides minibuses with seating for eight as well as ‘special transport’ for wedding parties, etc.
All in all, Zandvoort offers a wide range of rental facilities!
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  • Preferred participant Appelman Evenementen
    Keesomstraat 141
    2041 XE Zandvoort

    T. 023 3020206
    M. 06 1893 8260
    More info >
  • Preferred participant Center Parcs Bike & Fun Rentals: - bicycles - kiddy carts - fun bikes and much. much more!
    Vondellaan 60
    2041 BE Zandvoort

    T. +3123-5720000
    More info >
  • Preferred participant Zilt at Sea Bike rental
    Passage 33

    T. 0031-235766991
    M. info@ziltatsea.
    More info >
  • Preferred participant SegTours The new way of transporting yourself is possible in Zandvoort: the Segway. SegTours offers you a variety of Tours, indoor and outdoor and of course you can rent a Segway to go your own way around Z…
    Trompstraat 2
    2041 JB Zandvoort

    M. 0031 (0)6-54791
    More info >
  • Preferred participant Versteege Wielersport Bike rental. Also for sale bicycles and accessories.
    Haltestraat 31
    2042 LK Zandvoort

    T. 023-5714499
    More info >
  • Preferred participant Behind the Beach Bike Rentals Behind the Beach Bike Rentalsis a company with a different approach. We don’t just rent out the standard Dutch bike with coaster brake, we have much more...   We rent out Tandems, Street Surf…
    Haltestraat 51
    2042 LL Zandvoort

    T. +3123-8224746
    More info >
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