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In Zandvoort aan Zee, you not only shop during the day; during high season, you can also shop in the evening, since the shops are open until 10 pm.

All the shops in in Zandvoort aan Zee are open seven days a week, year round.

And for good reason, since everyone loves to shop in Zandvoort.

Shopping in Zandvoort means shopping at your convenience.

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The shopping streets
Shopping in Zandvoort puts you in a cheerful mood because the shopping streets have an incredibly nice atmosphere. That is because the various shops and catering establishments with (heated) terraces create this delightful ambiance. You can find a lot of nice shops in the very pleasant centre of town. For example, in the Haltestaat, the Kerkstraat, the Grote Krocht and the Kerkplein. All these streets lead to the newly renovated Raadhuisplein. On Sundays during the summer, there is always a lot of entertainment on this square. Take a break and enjoy it. And then simply continue shopping in Zandvoort, without a care in the world. 

The shops
Shopping in Zandvoort means an extensive choice of delightful, unusual and surprising small shops. They range from specialised jewellery shops, antique shops and children’s boutiques to trendy shops with fashionable clothing and, of course, kite shops and surf shops. But of course there are also shops like the HEMA and Blokker for all the other shopping.

Zandvoort is a village with allure. You see that when you shop in Zandvoort.

Shopping in Zandvoort is not bound to the seasons since large spring, summer and winter markets are organised every year. The stands through the entire centre of Zandvoort look forward to welcoming you.
Every Wednesday, there is also a general street market in the centre of town. This is where you can find fresh fruits and vegetables, potatoes, bread and cake, sweets and chocolate, cheese, fish, nuts, clothing, health food products, shoes, jewellery and flowers and plants. Finally, during the year, there are often special markets in the centre, such as a spring market, an art and book market and a party market.

Indeed, there are lots of ways to shop in Zandvoort.

Visit us
You can also visit our shop in Zandvoort. Make sure not to forget us since we have typical products from Zandvoort and extensive folders with information on places of interest and activities. We might be able to give you some good ideas while you shop in Zandvoort.

Opening hours for shopping in Zandvoort
Monday through Saturday: 9 am – 6 pm
Sunday: 12 pm – 6 pm 
High season (from 1 May to 1 October):  9 am – 10pm 
Magnificent historic buildings
Shopping in Zandvoort is also window shopping, seeing and being seen. But make sure to look up and enjoy the magnificent historic buildings while you shop in Zandvoort.
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  • Preferred participant Izzmarré Ladies clothes and swimwear shop.
    Raadhuisplein 15
    2042 LR Zandvoort

    T. +3123-5713804
    More info >
  • Preferred participant Radio Stiphout Audio, video, appliances and electronics.
    Grote Krocht 34
    2042 LX Zandvoort

    T. +3123-5732649
    More info >
  • Preferred participant Sack-Time
    Kerkstraat 29
    2042 JD Zandvoort

    T. +3123-5712717
    More info >
  • Preferred participant Foto Menno Gorter Reliable, good quality (passport) photograph store. The best in the business in Kennemerland!
    Grote Krocht 26 B
    2042 LX Zandvoort

    T. +3123-5730600
    More info >
  • Preferred participant Ta-Hwa Chinese articles, furniture, arts & crafts
    Kerkstraat 1
    2042 JC Zandvoort

    T. +3123-5713008
    More info >
  • Preferred participant Bloemsierkunst Jef & Henk Bluijs Your specialist for all your floral requirements; member of Euroflorist.
    Haltestraat 65
    2042 LL Zandvoort

    T. +3123-5712060
    More info >
  • Preferred participant Zandvoort Optiek
    Kerkstraat 34-36
    2042 JG Zandvoort

    T. +3123-5712466
    More info >
  • Preferred participant Beachim With Moncler, Armani, MET, Stone Island, Burberry en PME legend.
    Kerkstraat 15 en 20
    2042 JD Zandvoort

    T. 023-5739489
    More info >
  • Preferred participant Eigenwijs Makelaars Daring to be different but still highly professional and making sure that the customer is always number one is what Eigenwijs Makelaars stands for.  You can engage us to act as the intermediar…
    Grote Krocht 38
    2042 LX Zandvoort

    T. 023-5731999
    More info >
  • Preferred participant VisionPros We deliver contactlenses and spectacles across Europe! All major contact lenses stocked. Designer sunglasses and spectacles. Order online or call us for a personal consultation. Facebook: …
    De Ruijterstraat 6F3
    2041 HK Zandvoort

    T. 0800-3300777
    More info >
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