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Sports in Zandvoort aan Zee

In Zandvoort, sport is of course inextricably linked with the beach and the sea.

Above the horizon the kites of the kite surfers powering their spectacular jumps over the waves are almost ever present. A truly magnificent sight, and a skill you can learn at Kite School.
There are several water sports centres in Zandvoort aan Zee for practising and learning both windsurfing and sailing.

For a more spectacular day out, at Circuit Park Zandvoort, super cars can regularly be found sprinting around the race track.

But there is much much more. Spring into sporting action in Zandvoort aan Zee!

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Zandvoort aan Zee is a sporting hotspot. There is almost always a sea breeze, so why not enjoy a traditional afternoon’s kiting on the beach; the ideal way to blow away the cobwebs. Bring your own kite, or buy a new one here in Zandvoort aan Zee; the options are endless.

You could even go one step further and learn to power kite in Zandvoort aan Zee.
Power kiting is a form of kiting on the beach where you truly feel the strength of the elements. Allow the wind to drag you across the sand and make fantastic leaps. Several organisations in Zandvoort aan Zee organise this exciting sporting activity.
Circuit Park Zandvoort
When people think of sport in Zandvoort aan Zee, many immediately think of motor racing. Racing is very much a part of the sporting life of Zandvoort aan Zee. A day out on the circuit is a must for motor racing enthusiasts. Why not book a race experience to drive around the circuit itself? Enjoy ten different activities, half on the circuit and the rest in the dunes or at other locations. Can you imagine yourself sitting in a formula racing car or Porsche, screaming around the circuit? There are even opportunities to drive your own car around the track. Live life to the full; go motor racing in Zandvoort aan Zee.

Other types of sport
In Zandvoort aan Zee, you can enjoy a whole variety of sports. Why not try building sand castles, or taking a GPS guided walking or cycling tour through the dunes and local nature conservation areas? There is even a golf course in the dunes and for those new to the sport, there are beginners’ courses to teach you the basic principles.

But there is much more to sport in Zandvoort aan Zee. Possibilities include horse riding, beach volleyball, beach golf, surf rafting, surf canoeing, swimming in the subtropical swimming paradise, and bowling. The opportunities for sport in Zandvoort aan Zee are endless.
For many people, Sport in Zandvoort aan Zee is synonymous with surfing. Do you want to experience the feeling or riding over the waves on a surfboard? In Zandvoort aan Zee, people can feel this magical experience from head to toe. There is a complete water sports centre with an enthusiastic team of professional surf teachers. Kite surfing, wave surfing and even Catamaran sailing are on the sports menu. Learn to make the very most of Holland’s waves in Zandvoort aan Zee.

To feel the true surf vibe, after a surfing class, enjoy a delicious beer, wine, lunch or barbeque on the beach.

Enjoy and experience sport in Zandvoort aan Zee!
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  • Preferred participant Kitesurf Academy At kitesurf centre KITEZONE you can drop by for professional kitesurf lessons, courses and a complete package of kitesurf equipment. KITEZONE works with a selection of the newest kites, boards, wet…
    Strandafgang Paulus Loot 2 (bij Safari Club Zandvoort)
    2042 AE Zandvoort aan Zee

    M. 06-15226341
    More info >
  • Preferred participant Scuba Republic Learn to dive? By the beach, indoor swimming pool, at your own speed!
    Boulevard Barnaart 12
    2041 JA Zandvoort

    T. +3123-7433000
    M. +316-50580585
    More info >
  • Preferred participant First Wave Surfschool Feel like Sufing or SUP'ing? The ultimate surfexperience for young and old: - certified surfinstructors - great ambiance - groupe and private lessons - Surf, SUP and wetsuit rental - Close t…
    Strandafgang de Favauge 13
    2042 KB Zandvoort

    M. +31 6-83023230
    More info >
  • Preferred participant Center Parcs Zandvoort aan Zee Guaranteed water fun with the wave machine, water slides and Aqua Cinema and sauna
    Vondellaan 60
    2041 BE Zandvoort

    T. +3123-5720000
    More info >
  • Preferred participant Appelman Evenementen
    Keesomstraat 141
    2041 XE Zandvoort

    T. +31 (0)23-30202
    M. +31 (0)6-189382
    More info >
  • Preferred participant Kenamju Sportcentrum
    A.J. van der Moolenstraat 47
    2041 NC Zandvoort

    T. +3123-5715829
    More info >
  • Preferred participant Bleekemolens Race Planet Try driving in spectacular cars on the Zandvoort circuit Check out the website of VVV Zandvoort for more information. By appointment only
    Burg. van Alphenstraat 108
    2041 KP Zandvoort

    T. +3185-2737390
    More info >
  • Preferred participant BMW Driving Experience Slotemakers BMW Driving Experience is the specialist for more than 50 years in the field of driver training. Want a fun and educational driver training in a BMW on a unique location? BMW Driving Experience is you…
    Rob Slotemakerstraat 1
    2041 KN Zandvoort aan Zee

    T. +3123-5714423
    More info >
  • Preferred participant Manege Rückert 4 Sterne FNRS, Innen- und Außenreitplatz und Ausritte
    Heimansstraat 25
    2041 BN Zandvoort

    T. +3123-5712885
    More info >
  • Preferred participant Manege de Baarshoeve Cross-country rides, accommodation, training stables, riding lessons, pony riding and kids parties.
    Keesomstraat 15
    2041 XA Zandvoort

    T. +3123-5715894
    More info >
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