Manege de Baarshoeve

Manege de Baarshoeve

Zandvoort Dunes

We are a friendly riding school, located in the beautiful Zandvoort dunes, close to the beach. Easy to reach from Haarlem; horse riding close to our beautiful Noord-Holland capital.

At our stables you will be taught by qualified instructors. These instructors also lead the rides outside.

Manege de Baarshoeve

We have playful private lessons for the smallest children, but you can also walk with ponies. The adults can ride during the day and in the evenings. We have horses and ponies in all sizes and of all levels. From private lessons to group lessons.

Type of business
Riding school
Opening hours

Monday through Friday 08.00 – 22.00
Saturday and Sunday 08.00 – 17.00


Hacks (around 2 hours) in a group € 50.- p.p.
Beach rides (around 3 hours) 6 people min. € 85.- p.p.
Walking with ponies on request

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Keesomstraat 15
2041 XA Zandvoort aan Zee

Telephone: 023-5715894
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