Accommodation packages in Zandvoort


We have created accommodation package deals to make your holiday complete. There is plenty of choice, so you’ll always find a package to suit you.

Zandvoort aan Zee has great accommodations. Think of Bed and Breakfasts, guest houses, hotels, apartments and holiday homes. From luxurious to basic, with or without a sea view.
‘Carefree in Zandvoort’ is one of our most relaxed accommodation packages in Zandvoort aan Zee. The name says it all, of course. Or you can opt for the ‘Dunes Beauty & Night’ package. This packages includes: welcome with coffee or tea, a day free use of the sauna facilities, a super breakfast buffet and a choice between a great facial or a massage. You’ll stay in a four star hotel by the sea. A wonderful and complete accommodation package in Zandvoort aan Zee.

This is just a small selection of all the fantastic possibilities in Zandvoort aan Zee. Are you curious for more? Check out all the accommodation packages in Zandvoort aan Zee for yourself. You will be surprised by the amazing possibilities our beautiful coastal village has to offer.

Accommodation packages for everybody
There are accommodation package deals in Zandvoort aan Zee for everybody. Young or old, families with small children or the over 50’s: everyone can find an accommodation package that suits all their needs. We are committed to making sure everybody has the best time in our coastal town, and helping everyone experience the true Zandvoort aan Zee. We can help you find the right accommodation package for you.

Terms and conditions
If you book one of the accommodation packages below, the general terms and conditions of the Zandvoort Tourist Information apply. You can find them with every package, or by clicking the link below.
General Booking Conditions VVV Zandvoort

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We look forward to welcoming you in Zandvoort aan Zee!

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