“Mooi Haarlem Tour”

“Mooi Haarlem Tour”


The Thoen en Thans Tour (then and now tour) is a Segway-tour past craft businesses in the historical center of Haarlem. What was once a walking tour has been transformed into 3 themed tours: Authentic, Crafts or Trade. Whichever you choose, they are all beautiful and interesting.

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“Mooi Haarlem Tour”

After a thorough instruction the guide will take you on a tour and tell you the most special facts about the businesses. There are of course long enough stops to visit the different locations.

Sportief, Regio, Groep
Price per person

from € 47.50

Explanatory notes prices

Minimum age 16 years.
Minimum number of participants 4-6 people.

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2011 Haarlem

Telephone: +31 (0)23-5737933
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Reservation in advance is compulsory and can be done through the Zandvoort Tourist Information,
Bakkerstraat 2/B, 2042 HK Zandvoort aan Zee