Participant in the Zandvoort Tourist Information

The Zandvoort Tourist Information aims to promote Zandvoort aan Zee as a year round destination. We do this by putting the focus on different aspects of Zandvoort, for instance the beach and the nature, but also by promoting the offerings of different entrepreneurs. To achieve this we implement many marketing tools, like print, ads, websites, personal sales and themed periods. Entrepreneurs can benefit by becoming a participant in the Zandvoort Tourist Information.

Participating in the Zandvoort Tourist Information (the VVV Zandvoort) offers many advantages. Not only can you promote your own enterprise using the marketing tools the Zandvoort Tourist Information has to offer, your participation also allows us to promote Zandvoort aan Zee in the Netherlands and abroad, to increase the awareness for our beach town. This will indirectly benefit you, too.

Do you want to support yourself and the Zandvoort Tourist Information by participating, or do you have any questions? Please contact us.



The Zandvoort Tourist Information website comes in three languages. And because we also have great online visibility and usability, our website gets more (unique) visitors every year (around 500,000). As a participant, you will get your own page in the category of your choice. It is of course possible to be mentioned in more than one category.

Feel like Zandvoort! booklet

Every year, the Zandvoort Tourist Information publishes the pocket-sized book 'Feel like Zandvoort!'. A total of 50,000 copies of this booklet are printed in three languages and distributed through 300 delivery points in Zandvoort. The booklet is also mailed out. As a participant, you advertise at a reduced rate in the Feel like Zandvoort! booklet.

Booking accommodations

The Zandvoort Tourist Information is a reliable brand and for years most tourists find their accommodation in Zandvoort aan Zee through our website. Through the contact information under your listing, they can contact you directly. And of course, tourists that come to the desk in the shop can also book your accommodation.


The Zandvoort Tourist Information promotes Zandvoort aan Zee in many different ways. We repeatedly try to put Zandvoort aan Zee on the map as a year round destination by means of flyers, posters, ads and press trips. Another essential part of our strategy is the close cooperation with Amsterdam Marketing and the NBTC.

Themed periods

An important way of promoting Zandvoort aan Zee are the themed periods in the low season. During these periods, like the Kids Adventure Week or the Wild! month, we put the spotlights on one or more aspects to highlight Zandvoort aan Zee's versatility.

Excursions & Package deals

Visitors to Zandvoort aan Zee want to know what they can do in and around our town. That is why we offer a large selection of excursions, tickets and packages, usually from our participants. Accommodation providers can also sell excursions to their guests in the form of vouchers. You will then get a commission for each excursion sold.

Voucher system

We have made price agreements with many providers of excursions and attractions. This way accommodation providers that are partners of the Zandvoort Tourist Information can themselves sell entrance tickets to their guests, via our voucher system. For instance, bicycle rental, entrance tickets for the Keukenhof or a boat tour through Haarlem.