Surfing? Come to Zandvoort! You don’t need to go to Hawaii to surf challenging waves! The Dutch coast offers some fine surfing. Zandvoort is the perfect location, with good surf schools and fun beach clubs. Learn how to surf quickly in Zandvoort and enjoy the waves, the sea and this challenging sport. There are lessons for beginners too in Zandvoort.

Zandvoort is also the place to go for SUP lessons! Read more about stand up paddling on the North Sea waves with the best instructors. Are you an experienced SUPper? The Zandvoort Tourist Information knows where you can rent SUP boards and wetsuits. Now nothings stands between you and SUPping towards the setting sun!

Always wanted to surf? Riding the waves and enjoying the power of the sea? You don’t have to travel far. Surfing in Zandvoort is affordable, nearby and suitable for everyone. Children, beginners or experts, there are surfing lessons for everyone! The different surf schools have experienced instructors that can teach you to surf safely and especially how to have fun on your board.

Book your first surfing lesson through the Zandvoort Tourist Information. The instructor will teach you the basic skills, and you will often succeed in standing on a wave in the very first lesson. There are surfing lessons for experienced surfers too. Do you want to go surfing in Zandvoort with a group of friends? There are fun group activities for an active family or corporate outing! After surfing, you can relax in one of the great beach clubs on the Zandvoort beach. Hang loose!

Try surfing in Zandvoort: wait for the wave, stand up and go! Surfing is a magical sport, for all ages. The surf schools on the Zandvoort beach will teach you how to surf quickly, safely and enjoyably. The Zandvoort Tourist Information has a list of many of the surf schools, and you can book a lesson or rent equipment there too. The perfect way to try out surfing in Zandvoort!