Tips for children

Zandvoort aan Zee is a real paradise for children with loads to do and see! Building sand castles, diving into the waves or discovering the dunes, and that is just the beginning…


Center Parcs Park Zandvoort

At Center Parcs Zandvoort you can swim, play bowling, play miniature golf (inside and outside), tennis and squash, visit the animals at the petting zoo and play in the many play areas. Come take a look and join all the fun activities that are being organized!

Jutters Mu-ZEE-um

The Beachcomber’s Mu-SEA-um houses all the treasures that have been found on the beach of Zandvoort aan Zee. From a mammoth’s tooth to messages in bottles and from a piece of a space rocket to a whole mountain of shoes. There is also an aquarium with the animals that live in the North Sea.


Only 11 kilometers away from Zandvoort aan Zee is Europe's largest playground. Hours of playing fun in the open air is waiting for you.

Playground Groenendaal

For a great day out come to the playground in the wooded park called Groenendaal. This playground has dozens of play structures on a beautiful lot. It is the largest and above all most friendly and fun outdoor playground in the Kennemerland region.

Bunker Tours

Scattered throughout the dunes are many bunkers from World War II. Join our guide and go find these concrete giants. You will learn all about these old hiding places. Are you brave enough to take a look inside?

Circus Zandvoort

Circus Zandvoort is fun for everyone. There is a large games room on the lowest floor for children, one floor up adults can have a flutter in the casino and above that there is a cinema with movies for different age categories.

The beach of Zandvoort aan Zee

Enjoy yourself for hours at the beach of Zandvoort aan Zee. Go for a swim, play some football, build a sand castle or go and find sea shells. Even when the sun isn't shining, the beach is an ideal place to be!

Come and eat Pancakes!

What do children love? Pancakes! Zandvoort aan Zee has two restaurants where you can eat the most delicious pancakes.

Zandvoort dunes

The dunes provide endless possibilities. You can play in and around the bunkers, build the best huts ever and of course try to spot all the different animals that live there. You might see one of the many deer, foxes, rabbits, bison or other inhabitants of the area.

Natural crafts

Are the chestnuts falling from the trees? Time to make a spider web! Found some pretty shells? Make wind chimes! All year round you can make all kinds of things with what you find in nature. Curious? Read on!

Visitor's center De Kennemerduinen

Discover nature by looking, feeling and smelling. This visitor's centre not only has a permanent exhibition about the nature in the dunes, it also has a cozy café and a fun nature playground outside.