Winterwonderland month

The month of December is cozy and sociable. Spending the holidays with family and friends, great food and drinks, wonderfully lit streets and shop windows and plenty of winter activities.

Zandvoort aan Zee will be turned into a real Winter Wonder Land. From mid December you can go skating by the sea on the rink on the Raadhuisplein, and you can leave a wish for yourself or someone else in the Wishing Pavilion by the Sea. It is also the month for enjoying different Christmas Concerts. A traditional element is the open air sing-along at Café Koper: a fun get-together where several classic Christmas carols are sung. And everything is accompanied by a drink and a snack, of course. The ultimate Winter Wonder Land.

And there is plenty to eat and drink in the many restaurants in Zandvoort aan Zee. A large number of venues offer a special Christmas menu, with the best dishes and beverages. The permanent pavilions on the beach, too, have an excellent menu and a great ambiance in which to dine in a Winter Wonder Land atmosphere. And dinner by the sea is of course the perfect ending to a refreshing walk on the beach.

The highlight of the Winter Wonder Land month is the traditional New Year’s Swim. Zandvoort aan Zee has the oldest New Year’s Swim in the Netherlands. Every year since 1960, a growing number of enthusiasts wash away the old year and welcome the new.

Fairytale Walk

From 4 pm to 6.30 pm over 45 fairy tale characters will walk around in the city centre of Zandvoort aan Zee.

Ice skating rink

The ice skate rink will be opened on December 17th so come and skate in the city centre of Zandvoort!

Wishing Pavilion by the sea

I wish, I wish… If you got granted one wish, what would it be? And would the wish be for yourself, for someone else or for everyone?

New Years Dive

Also this year you can participate in the New Year’s dive. The oldest dive in the Netherlands

Parking in the winter

The parking rate will be € 0,50 per hour in Zandvoort aan Zee during the Winterwonderland-month.