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Beach clubs in Zandvoort aan Zee.

Beach clubs in Zandvoort aan Zee are real hotspots!

They are the places to see and be seen! Here, too, the choice is yours, because there are more than 30 beach clubs in Zandvoort aan Zee of which five are naturist beach clubs.

Several of the beach clubs in Zandvoort aan Zee are open all year round, and all are open from March to October.

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Everybody happy
Each beach club has its own charm and style, from super-trendy to family-friendly. Why not enjoy the Mexican style in one of the beach clubs with palm trees, cactuses and delicious tropical cocktails.

At another beach club, soak up the atmosphere of an African bush safari in a jungle-like environment. The beach, the sea, the plants and the sound effects generate a totally tropical experience. Have you ever dreamt of travelling to Australia? The style in one of the beach clubs in Zandvoort is based on the Australian Outback, combined with the bustling fun of Bondi Beach. At this club try the real Kangaroo steak, or the  celebrated Bondi Beach Burger. For larger groups, the owners are of course always ready to light up the Ozzy BBQ! Enjoy a delicious meal and the laid-back atmosphere. To complete the picture, try a delicious Australian beer, permanently kept cold, on hold. Australia is closer than you thought.
These are just a few of the beach club experiences on offer.

A visit to the beach clubs of Zandvoort is a real experience finished off with delicious food and drink, from fish to meat and from simple to exclusive. The chefs and all the club staff look forward to seeing you at the Zandvoort beach clubs.
Beach clubs in Zandvoort ensure romance. Take in the view, enjoy the delicious food and drink and watch the sun go down in the evening. Can you imagine it? Or what about arranging your wedding on the beach in Zandvoort? Beach weddings are officially permitted. Surprise your family and friends, and hold your wedding party in one of the Zandvoort beach clubs.
Company party
The beach clubs of Zandvoort are also the ideal location after the sun goes down, for example for holding a company party. Surprise your personnel with a unique location. After all, who expects you to hold your party in a Zandvoort beach club?

Feel like a BBQ or a party on the beach?
Together with us, the beach clubs of Zandvoort have come up with fun and surprising arrangements. What about a themed beach BBQ? Or lunch on the beach, or a beach reception or party?

For more information, call our Marketing department. The possibilities are endless. Our colleagues will explain to you all the ins and outs of the Zandvoort beach clubs.
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  • Preferred participant Bruxelles aan Zee Relax after work and play
    Strandafgang De Favauge 14
    2042 TV Zandvoort

    T. +31 23-5715203
    More info >
  • Preferred participant Skyline the Australian Beachbar Skyline 13 "the Australian Beach bar" can be found at the beach of Zandvoort and is inspired by the Australian Outback mixed with the buzzing life of Bondi Beach. With us you can have bre…
    Strandafgang de Favauge 13
    2042 KB Zandvoort

    T. +31 23-5714525
    More info >
  • Preferred participant Bad Zuid Luxury and quality on the most beautiful beach of the Netherlands. In a casual atmosphere every effort is made to meet your expectations.  Bad Zuid stands for coziness, hospitality and fun. I…
    Strandafgang Paulus Loot 5A
    2042 AD Zandvoort

    T. +31 23-5738220
    More info >
  • Preferred participant Far Out Relaxed, informal, modern.....a little taste of "Ibiza " in Zandvoort.   Get away from it all, just relax and enjoy yourself… let us take care of you for a while!   We would…
    Strandafgang Paulus Loot 7
    2042 AG Zandvoort

    T. +31 23-5717170
    More info >
  • Preferred participant Meijer aan Zee Seasonal menu.
    Strandafgang de Favauge 16
    2042 TV Zandvoort

    T. +31 23-5713310
    More info >
  • Preferred participant Safari Club Our main focus is the experience. For that reason there is cooks BBQ’ing on the terrace, the wood fire oven burns in the middle of the restaurant, when the sun is shining we have live music (Safari …
    Strandafgang Paulus Loot 2
    2042 AA Zandvoort

    T. +31 23-5712628
    More info >
  • Preferred participant Strandpaviljoen Fosfor
    Zuidstrand 7
    2042 AG Zandvoort

    T. +31 23-5713031
    More info >
  • Preferred participant Beach Club Tien Surprising international
    Strandafgang De Favauge 10
    2042 AA Zandvoort

    T. +31 23-5713200
    More info >
  • Preferred participant Ajuma AJUMA brings ASIAN atmosphere close to home. Excellent food, fantastic location & modern Asian style makes it the perfect 'get away'. A 300m walk & there it is: AJUMA. An ajuma is a pepper …
    Strandafgang Zuiderduin 2
    2040 AZ Zandvoort

    T. +31 23-5714608
    More info >
  • Preferred participant Thalassa Fresh fish specialists; simply delicious and deliciously simple.
    Strandafgang Barnaart 18
    2042 KB Zandvoort

    T. +31 23-5715660
    More info >
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